Eleanor's Story

Eleanor's first flare of guttate psoriasis started after having tonsillitis. In her story, she talks about the different treatments she's tried and how hearing about other people's experiences has helped her.

I was diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis in October 2022 after having 9 rounds of tonsillitis in 1 year. It started as a small teardrop shaped red spot on my chest, which soon started to spread to my torso. A month later, it covered my back and spread to behind my ears and neck. It was probably the most uncomfortable feeling I had ever experienced. My skin felt like it was on fire. I had tried a number of treatments and creams but it continued to return.

Right now, my psoriasis covers my whole torso, scalp, upper chest, behind my ears, and a few spots on my arms, legs and face. Reading other people’s stories with psoriasis really helps with tackling the isolation that having psoriasis can cause. I’m trying out UV light therapy next, so I’m staying positive. But even if it doesn’t work, I will remember that I am beautiful, no matter what my skin looks like.