Bobbie's Story

Bobbie, from the UK, is currently living in Australia. Here she shares her experiences with psoriasis including the impact of living away from home during a pandemic and how she stays positive.

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Hi, my name is Bobbie, I’m 29, from the UK and have had psoriasis for my whole life! I’m currently living in Australia which is fantastic, the sun and salt water on my skin helps loads along with the easy breezy lifestyle. I’m currently writing this on a road trip up the east coast of the country getting some winter sun. My psoriasis struggles in winter with the cold weather and Sydney, where I reside is currently cold and rainy (who knew Australia got cold).

Anyway I’m here because I want to just share with you my experience through the covid pandemic. It has been tough. It’s been so hard to be away from my family and friends in this testing time. I know the UK has had severe lockdown rules in place which has meant people haven’t been able to see each other and life has dramatically changed for a few months. Within my family too during this time we have had a couple of deaths (one due to covid) and one going through some intense lifesaving treatment, so not being at home helping support my family has been hard. I was also due to go home for a holiday in June for my mum's 60th, my brother's engagement and my best friend's birthday. This was obviously cancelled. So the effects... daily I was thinking about home, what was happening, wanting to know that everyone was ok and also whether I should try and go home myself - which would mean I would have to leave my Australia life. Subsequently, every day I would end up daydreaming for minutes, sometimes hours, which would result in me picking at my skin, making it bleed.

I did find that I wasn’t looking after myself as well as I should be either: eating comfort food, drinking more, exercising less (it’s so hard to stay motivated sometimes) and generally being a Netflixing couch potato! My skin was getting worse and worse which was really hard to see, a lot through stress and anxiety and a lot from lack of nutrition. It was becoming raised and dry and itchy and not very appealing to the eyes to say the least. This all changed when the gyms reopened and I turned my ‘couch potato’ life around - my ‘lean green bean’ life was pending. I was motivated and determined to get my skin and body under control. I am now eating a clean diet, drinking loads of water, I am exercising more and moisturising 3x a day. I am also trying to BE POSITIVE in the current situation which we are all in: checking in and speaking to my family more frequently, thinking about all the benefits the current pandemic can have on us: more time for self-love, self-appreciation, me time. It’s a great excuse and time to become the best version of ourselves, instead of being demotivated and down, it’s a time to be proactive and constructive, creating goals, looking after and being kind to ourselves. In this mind-set only good can come from it: happy mind, nutritioned body, moisturised skin - psoriasis it’s been a pleasure but I’m phasing you out.  

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