Mohammed's Story

A severe flare of psoriasis left Mohammed feeling low. Here he tells his story and how he regained his confidence by adopting a healthier lifestyle, quitting smoking, and discovering his passion for fitness.

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My life completely changed in October of 2017, and really it did change for the better. During the time of October 2017, I was going through a lot of pressure and stress. I was trying to major in a subject that I was told if I studied would make me “successful” but I hated that subject. I was also struggling financially to pay for my rent as I was studying away from home. I was also extremely overweight at this time and was eating terrible and developed a bad smoking habit. Then psoriasis came, and everything changed.

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What started as one patch eventually led to a full body cover of plaque psoriasis. After trying creams, ointments, topical treatments, pills, and finally steroid injections, nothing worked, and it seemed to me like all these things were making my overall health well-being much worse. This was the lowest point in my life, and nothing seemed to work. I was failing financially, failing on my health, and failing in school too. Fast forward a few months, and I came across a video on YouTube from famous entrepreneur and motivational speaker Gary Vee. He said, “there are those that take what happens to them and let it destroy them, and then there are those that use what happens to them to rewrite the next chapters of their lives.” This literally was the turning point of my life.

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I immediately gave up all medical treatments, and although my psoriasis got much worse because I was not taking any medications, I went on a more natural approach and started seeing amazing results not just on my psoriasis, but also my body. My skin started clearing out, and I started losing much weight and people noticed! Around this same time, I graduated from school and decided to pursue something that I liked. I always wanted to do something in the fitness world and decided to pursue a career in personal training and working at a gym.

I also competed in my first men’s natural bodybuilding competition last year and lost almost half my bodyweight. This was big for me and at that point I started to really post my transformation pictures and videos for both the weight loss and clearing psoriasis on Instagram and people loved it so much so I started a YouTube channel where I talk about how I improved my psoriasis through dietary and lifestyle changes.

We are stronger together. And together we will all overcome our psoriasis and be better versions of ourselves!

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