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28 October 2019

Maybe Baby Booklet Launched

The Maybe Baby campaign from UCB Pharma offers young women help in planning for a family after receiving a diagnosis of psoriasis or arthritis.

Maybe Baby logo (website news)When young women are diagnosed with psoriasis or arthritis, they may believe they can no longer achieve some of the things they had hoped, such as travelling, studying or becoming a mum.

At the point of diagnosis, motherhood can feel like a faraway priority: the immediate, profound impact of the condition looms larger in the minds of both the woman and her doctor.

#MaybeBaby is a non-promotional awareness campaign to support and empower women to have an informed discussion with their healthcare professional, earlier, about motherhood. Together, they can then agree the best possible management plan that will help the woman stay in control of her condition, and still have the option to become a mum in the future.

This new booklet from the campaign aims to make the family planning journey easier for young women who are living with psoriasis by exploring topics including shared decision-making and treatment options, as well as answering some FAQs about psoriasis in women, pregnancy and motherhood.

Download a copy of the booklet here

You can find out more about the #MaybeBaby campaign at This webpage has been developed for female patients diagnosed with psoriasis or arthritis in partnership with Arthur’s Place. The site will help guide them through any questions they have about their condition and future motherhood, from intimacy and relationships through to work and sports.