Aimee - Facial psoriasis

For Psoriasis Awareness Week 2020, Aimee shared her experiences of facial psoriasis and how she has learned to love her skin.

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I'm Aimee Grace, I’m 34 years old and have had psoriasis in many different forms since I was approximately aged 14.

In February 2018 I developed facial psoriasis after contracting tonsillitis, leading to guttate psoriasis which spread over my entire body and then onto my face. For me personally facial psoriasis was the hardest to come to terms with. Not because it was the most painful, itchy or sore, but because it could be seen by everyone around me.

Because skin is so sensitive on the face I was only offered basic treatments which didn’t help at all. People asked why I didn’t try to cover it, but it was impossible to cover, foundation and make up would become flaky and would also trigger further irritation which was not worth the hassle. It wasn’t something I could hide.

It became a talking point for many people, even those who cared would ask me about it, which was hard to keep explaining. Also strangers could be so insensitive and cruel. I was stared at when I walked down the street, at work customers would ask not to be served by me in case I was contagious. When I was brave enough to share my first selfie on social media, a few individuals messaged me to tell me to take my own life or to stop posting because I put them off of their food. Another said “I have an 18 year old daughter if she looked like you I’d disown her”.

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At first these comments hurt me but it didn’t take me long to learn to love my skin and myself again. I think because it was on my face I had no choice but to sink or swim. I chose swim! I wasn’t going to hide away and allow myself to sink back into depression when only a year or so before I’d fought my way out of my struggles with mental health. So I fought back, in a way where I talked proudly of my skin condition, ignored those negative comments, focused on all the kindness and positivity towards me. I wanted to show people we are all unique and beautiful whatever flaw or imperfection we may have. And it worked! I think because I showed myself respect others followed. I stopped receiving any negative and cruel comments and I now only receive kindness.

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