Janine's Story

For our first story of Psoriasis Awareness Week, we revisit Janine who has managed her psoriasis mainly through lifestyle change!

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I was diagnosed with Psoriasis in 1997 at the age 22 and later developed psoriatic arthritis. It was like being on a rollercoaster for eighteen long years. I became overweight and inactive as a result of the debilitating condition.

I tried everything offered by my GP or dermatologist. I also went private for advice.

Natural treatments, diet and exercise have worked best for me, I have been clear for eight years including through covid.

I self manage my psoriasis with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

My treatments fit easily into my daily life – I drink high quality pure aloe vera first thing every morning to support my gut health and immune system. It works from the inside out, also helps to reduce inflammation. I take marine collagen to support my joints.

I don’t have any active patches of psoriasis but if I get any dry skin I use a bee propolis cream topically.

I eat a healthy diet and limit treats but don’t deprive myself.

I manage my weight through following body composition, this enables to maintain a healthy weight and track my overall health including muscle mass.

I’m very active and spend time in nature, hiking, SUP paddling and enjoy cold water therapy.

A regular at the gym for strength training, I’m 48 now and want to maintain healthy bones and joints as a woman at that time of life.

I don’t miss the itch! I am grateful to have found what works for me.

My advice to someone attending their first GP or dermatology appointment is to go prepared with a list of questions. Be open and honest if it’s affecting your mental health. The Psoriasis Association is an excellent resource for information & support. They also have a Facebook community that can be useful, you are not alone.