Q&A with our Trustee, Russ

Our final story this Psoriasis Awareness Week comes from one of our Trustees, Russ who we had a Q&A with all about his treatment journey.

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What led you to start taking biologics?

I had tried all other available treatments, and none had any real success.

Were you able to ask to be put on a biologic of your choice when researching their effectiveness?

There was only 1 available at that time, my Prof explained it really well.

Have you been on more than one biologic therapy?

I am currently on my 9th biologic.

What are the most common side effect you experience?

No common side effects for me, only occasional soreness around injection sires.

Were you nervous about starting a biologic?

No, I was desperate as nothing had worked.

Did the consultant discuss why this would be the best option for you?

Yes, I have a great relationship with my Prof and we discuss all treatments.

Are you monitored closely?

Regular bloods and follow up consultations, plus the usual screenings one has before taking a biologic such as chest x-ray.

Has it been successful in managing your symptoms?

My current biologic is the best yet at treating my symptoms, most of the biologics have had some success in treating me.

Did you have to try a few before finding the right one for you?

Yes, some I did really well on, they do appear to be ok improving though

What advice would you give to someone who is about to start biologics?

Education, education, education. The more you know the better. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Is there anything you wish you knew before starting?

I wish I had known they could fail and also know that so many new ones would be just around the corner. 

Do you have any tips for remembering to take your biologics?

I use a desk diary for my delivery dates and injection dates, this is also backed up on my phone which links into Alexa who also reminds me.