Carly's Story

Carly's psoriasis started off as a small dot, then spread to other parts of her body, knocking her confidence. Now, she has begun to embrace her condition and doesn't let it get in the way of her plans!

In December 2021 I found this mad wee dot, as I would call it, and I knew straight away what it was as this runs in the family. Yeah, we all thought it would miss me as they say your skin changes every 7 years, but it didn’t and I came out in psoriasis. Not many people know what it is but it’s starting to become very common, especially in the younger generation.

I never told my mum about that mad wee dot straight away, but looking back on it I wish I did. Going into 2022 it just took a turn for the worse and I was getting it everywhere, I mean one day I was clear and the next I was covered head to toe. It’s not a nice thing to have, I lost all my confidence and if you know me personally you know I don’t give a f**k about anything, but this did really get to me. I stopped myself from going on nights out as I “had” to cover up by wearing long sleeves and trousers, never wanting to show skin. I also stopped myself from going out with friends and family because my skin would flake off. Now that does sound rather weird but it got to the point when I took my clothes off it was like I became snow and this made me feel so uncomfortable to the point that I wouldn’t even leave the house. Always having my hair down and wearing hats as it covered most of it on my face, neck and ears. I think the hardest part was my hair as that is my pride and joy and I lost so much of it as I had psoriasis all over my scalp.

I had my 21st and Zante approaching, and I told my mum I wanted it all cancelled as I wasn’t wearing a dress or bikinis. She told me, “Don’t be silly, don’t let this get you down.” It’s easier said than done but she knows how I felt as she was like me at one point. But anyways, did I listen? No. I had multiple breakdowns in June, near enough every day and night, and crying myself to sleep. I never left the house for about a week, I never spoke to anyone and, if I’m really honest, I didn’t want to be here.

I finally got a doctor’s appointment through and I was given all different creams and products to use. Steroid creams just didn’t work for me but they worked for my brother and mum so I was like “why not me?” I would have to plan what time I would have to be in at so I could cake myself in cream for it “to go” and it just wasn’t going.

Fast forward a couple of months and I got given a moisturiser called Epimax which I call my bottle of mayonnaise, haha. This for me has been a game changer as this is the product that has cleared me up. I take this in mini bottles out with me as I still use it to this day. I have had the best support off my friends and family which I can’t thank them enough for. My brother told me, “Who gives a f**k? You are still you and it ain’t gonna change who you are”, and at this point I could turn round and say “You know what? That is right.” So I had my 21st and I wore that dress I had saved for months, and I can tell you something, it was the best night ever! I had my friends, family and even friends who have got it say how proud they all were of me and, I was so proud of myself, I never took the smile off my face all night. Even though you could play a game of dot to dot, but we move. I also went to Zante and I wore bikinis, shorts and was proud to be able to show my skin, and I can tell you it was the best holiday ever.

So that’s my story. I can officially say I’ve joined the psoriasis club with confidence, and I honestly couldn’t care what anyone has got to say. You wanna look? Look. You wanna ask? Ask. I am an open book. If Kim Kardashian can do it, so can wee Carly Hamill! I will forever be grateful to the people who helped me through the hardest phase of my life. If it wasn’t for them I can honestly say I don’t think I would be here. I love my friends and family endlessly!!

Always speak out about what you’re going through, you might not think anyone wants to listen or help but there are people that do. I did say I would come back with a bang and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.