Dominic's Story

Dominic was diagnosed with multiple types of psoriasis in 2022. He tells his story in the hope to inspire others.

My names Dominic and I have suffered from psoriasis since 2022.

Generally, psoriasis isn’t like Pokémon where you have to collect them all, but my body decided otherwise. I have/had plaque, guttate, nail, scalp, pustular and finally erythrodermic psoriasis. I have spent months in excruciating pain battling on to find a treatment which works.

My psoriasis started in 2021 following my covid vaccinations with a small red patch on my forehead about the size of a penny. My GP informed it may be psoriasis and to try Dovobet gel. The psoriasis continued spreading into my scalp and nails. A subsequent visit to my GP led to the prescribing of Dovobet ointment for my scalp yet once more this failed leading to guttate, inverse and ear psoriasis down both ear canals causing extreme pain and deafness. My images shows the progression from the small spot up until the latter stages.

Following this, I was prescribed a week’s course of prednisolone steroids, again this failed to work and increased my psoriasis. After getting into my local dermatology centre, I was informed to moisturise with Dermol500 and utilise Enstilar steroid spray, at this point I was using two bottles a week and was informed to do this for up to 52 weeks until I could get an appointment at Durham and Darlington dermatology. Utilising the Enstilar in such a capacity resulted in my psoriasis going away completely…. Until two weeks later it came back, blistering my skin and causing intense pain. At this point I was 90% covered in psoriasis and with an emergency appointment to Durham and Darlington dermatology, I was informed that my psoriasis had morphed into pustular and then to erythrodermic in the span of a few days. Following my appointment, the day later I had multiple bloods taken and minor surgery to collect tissue. Below you can see some images of my body moving through pustular to erythrodermic psoriasis.

At this point, I started to think about the stress within my life since the development of my psoriasis, such as leaving lockdown, starting a new job, being up for redundancy, losing my PhD supervisor, moving house, battling with my employer, seeking for a new job, moving my PhD and recently losing my auntie. I believe stress increased my psoriasis and prior to this I had a total clean bill of health.

Durham and Darlington Dermatology have since then began a treatment of Acitretin which has reduced my psoriasis however, treatment is still ongoing. Whilst psoriasis at times can feel like a terrible curse, you can still live your life and do what you want to do. Keep In touch with family and friends and continue to live your life. Do not be ashamed of your psoriasis, do not hide away, you are who you are and you should own it.

I hope my story and optimism helps guide others through such difficult times. I also hope the research continues for psoriasis treatments so that we can all live the lives we deserve to have.