Fabio's Story

Fabio has tried many treatments over his many years of having psoriasis, but has finally found what works for him and wants to share his story with others.

I grew up in the small island of Sardinia (Italy) and I was diagnosed with
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psoriasis when I was 6 months old (so my mother told me). As a child, then a teenager, growing up by the sea, I was subject to many unpleasant comments like many psoriasis sufferers, from people not understanding my condition, including comments like ‘Oh my God, what’s he got? Is it contagious?' Like most psoriasis sufferers in the western world, I was put on a course of topical steroids from Diprosalic to Dovobet and even obscure ‘old wives tales’ type of treatments that included using sulphur with lard to patting my patches with my own urine as a disinfectant method. Growing up, I was advised to spend as much time as possible in the sun and bathe in seawater which did have its benefits for a limited time.

I moved to London at the age of 23 to study English and pursue a rewarding career. Since then, I have tried every possible treatment under the sun both in the UK, in France (where I lived briefly as part of my studies) and have even been to Dermatologists in many countries around the world where my work took me with the hope they’d know something which specialists back in Europe didn’t know but to no avail.

After many years of topical steroids, my dermatologist in London suggested trying UVB light treatment therapy which I did with limited and short-lasting results. I was then put on a course of Methotrexate, a chemotherapy drug with apparently good side-effects results on psoriasis. After a few months, the drug made me extremely depressed, tired and sleepy all the time. I decided to stop and rethink my strategy completely. I was convinced for many years, based on research done on YouTube and on the internet on alternative medicine that the answer to treating psoriasis must lie in treating the causes and not the symptoms. A friend of mine had been to Sri Lanka on an Ayurvedic medicine detox retreat and she met many psoriasis sufferers there who had apparently been able to have outstanding results with the use of this holistic medicine approach. Again, I thought: why not? What have I got to lose? In December 2022, I booked a 2-week ‘panchakarma’ detox retreat in a well-known Ayurveda retreat in Sri Lanka.

After 2-weeks of a hard-core detox consisting of a customised diet based on my ‘dosha or personality type’ (Ayurveda identifies your personality type according to your predominant ‘dosha type’: Vata or ether, Pitta – fire and Kapha – water), daily yoga practice, meditation, drinking several (rather unpleasant) herbal concoctions several times a day, herbal oil massages, application of herbal pastes, daily herbal baths. I came to the end of the treatment where my skin was red-raw and feeling slightly deflated. I was given a day-by-day diet treatment to follow upon my return to the UK.

Upon my return, a week later, I started seeing my skin clearing up hugely with psoriasis disappearing and was marvelling at the results. Since then, I have continued to follow (mostly) the dietary advice and have eliminated from my diet a whole range of foods including dairy, gluten, anything that causes acidity and fire (wine, aubergine, tomatoes, peppers), citrus fruits etc. I have been lucky enough to be able to find an Ayurvedic doctor in London with whom I have consultations from time to time to ensure my psoriasis is kept in check. Where am I now? My skin continues to be clear of psoriasis, sure it’s still there somewhere underneath, but my skin has never been clearer and I have become a total convert of Ayurvedic medicine. I have just returned from a second Ayurvedic detox retreat in Kerala (the home of Ayurvedic medicine) and whilst it’s not easy by any means, my limited psoriasis has cleared even further and I intend to continue along this path for the future. I am aware that Ayurvedic medicine is not a recognised and approved system of medicine in many countries, but I cannot in all honesty say, that I have never had such incredible results in my entire life (I am 54 now). I hope my story inspires others to consider alternative medicine and Ayurvedic medicine which has been a God’s send for me.

All the best to you fellow sufferers.

Please keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to treatment and what works for one person, may not work for another.

Consult your GP or dermatologist before trying any new treatments.