Greg P's Story

Taking part in a clinical trial and making some lifestyle changes helped Greg to see an improvement in his psoriasis for the first time in 15 years.

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Until recently I had psoriasis for approximately 15 years. It started with 1 spot on my arm, 15 years later it was on my arms, legs, torso, front and back, hairline, and then face! That was it, I changed my diet, cut out midweek drinking and went paleo, adapting to an alkaline diet, based on reducing stress on my internal digestive system, and did yoga and exercise to help decrease stress on my mind also – all the this can be pretty stressful! All of this really helped but it was still very stubborn to move, I know psoriasis is a long term thing.

Then I was lucky enough to get on a medical trial at Ealing Hospital, for a gel/cream/oil combo called Soratinex. I’d never heard of it, but it’s from Australia, it’s hormone free, and the results were absolutely amazing! Prior to starting this I was scaly (hate that word) and sore and itchy.

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Month 1, I started to notice a marked difference – it all started to calm down a lot, less inflammation, less scales, started to smooth off. Then month 2 was even better, I started to see the normal skin that used to be big, red patches, which were now breaking up into smaller red bits and normal skin. The before and after photos were shocking to me. I now can swim, wear shorts, have a relationship, and walk around naked! (If I so wish).

Amazingly the psoriasis has more or less stayed away. I keep up my Paleo diet mostly, and so now I use the treatment occasionally. I do notice if I drink too much alcohol, or smoke, or eat bad, acidic foods, then my psoriasis can return in small patches, and be inflamed. Then I behave on food, do exercise, reduce mental and physical internal stress, and externally apply the Soratinex treatment and it goes again. I feel incredibly lucky, as I know a lot of people haven’t got this ability.

This is only my experience, and I know everyone is different, but I love the paleo, and I really, really love Soratinex, it truly has changed my life, and continues to be there when I need it, and to keep the dreaded psoriasis at bay!

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