Lucy's Story

Lucy shares her experiences with psoriasis during the pandemic, and the impact that lockdown has had on her skin and mental health.

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Since the start of the pandemic, my psoriasis has worsened due to daily anxiety and tension. I have psoriasis on my scalp, face, torso and back and I’m currently using topical treatment options after having previously used light therapy and systemic drugs which caused unpleasant side effects.

I would describe my psoriasis over this period as relentless. I am on furlough so I’m at home all day, applying, washing off, reapplying topical treatments. The salicylic acid I put on my scalp makes my hair fall out in clumps and the psoriasis on my body has been inflamed and sore. I’m also trialling natural options including oat baths which really help soothe my skin and apple cider vinegar which eases the redness.

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Everyday life is a distraction from my psoriasis but with so many aspects of everyday life on hold, it is having a bigger impact on me than it usually would, particularly my mental health. I’m exercising regularly and trying to eat healthily to try to manage the physical and psychological symptoms associated with my psoriasis. The sunshine helps too but I live in a flat with no outside space so it has been difficult getting outside as I am reluctant to visit public spaces in case social distancing isn’t followed.

I am looking forward to a day when Coronavirus is no longer a threat and psoriasis is just a small part of who I am rather than a huge part of every day.

If you'd like to help support vital research into COVID-19 and psoriasis please take the PsoProtectMe survey. The survey is for everyone with psoriasis to complete, irrespective of whether you have had symptoms of COVID-19 or not.

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