Kayleigh's Story

Kayleigh has had guttate psoriasis since she was 15. 16 years on, she has learnt to accept her condition.

It started with guttate psoriasis when I was 15 years old. It started in my scalp and it was safe to say I became very paranoid and anxious about stepping foot out of the house. My psoriasis soon spread over most of my entire body and I really couldn't bare to look at myself, I hid from the world. I even tried to hide from my parents but being my parents, they noticed my change of personality and let’s face it, the flakes that comes alongside the itching, the burning, the picking. I eventually went off to the doctors, who diagnosed me with guttate psoriasis.

"What the hell is that?" I thought, 15 years old, this is just utter hell.

My parents took me to appointments with my dermatologist who prescribed different creams, lotions and ointments (and what a pain they were but hey, I would try anything).

I’ve gone on to have medication and UV treatment. If anyone reading this would like any advice on or suggestions, please feel free to ask me.

As the years passed by, the rollercoaster of emotions that come alongside a skin condition continued, cancelling on friends, missing out on holidays/trips... I really did deprive myself from so much because of the image of my own body. But now 16 years on, it is safe to say I have accepted my psoriasis.

I fell back in love with my own skin throughout lockdown, a time where you really sat back and appreciated life and realising life is for living and for being the happiest version of yourself. 

I changed my diet to help with my skin which I will continue to do for other health benefits too, but I do still suffer quite badly with my skin, but I know my triggers. I know how to deal with it in the best way possible. Awareness is key, educating people is key, being happy is key. 

Love your skin people and be proud of yourself. You are a warrior and thank you for reading my story.