Muhammed's Story

Muhammed shares his story of being diagnosed with psoriasis last year.

Hi. My name is Muhammad Gultasif and I am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

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I have suffered with psoriasis since September 2023.In July 2023, I had a rash on my right shoulder. I consulted a dermatologist and he told that it is just a fungal infection. He gave me medicines and ointments but it worsened and spread on my arms, legs and scalps. I had red spots on my scalp and everyone asked me "What is that?"

I felt really ashamed and embarrassed. I had intense itching and burning on my skin. Somebody suggested me to apply mustard oil but it didn't work. Another person told me that one of his relative has same red spots on his skin. He was diagnosed with blood cancer. He advised me to do blood tests. I had blood tests done but they were normal. I then consulted a senior dermatologist and he said that it is psoriasis. He told me that it is not dangerous and is not contagious. He told that psoriasis runs in family. But I had no family history of psoriasis. The doctor prescribed me ointments and Acitretin capsules for one month.

It worked and I saw a clear difference within one month. But as soon I stopped the treatment, psoriasis relapsed again with greater intensity. I felt very uncomfortable. I again went to the doctor and he prescribed me the same medicine again.

I have learnt that psoriasis comes and goes occasionally. Now, it is a part of my life and I have to live with it. Now, it is summer here in Pakistan and psoriasis is less severe on my body. But I have learned through the internet that symptoms worsen in winter. So I have to prepare mentally for it. Psoriasis comes and goes after intervals. Stay strong and accept the challenges.