Leona's Story

Leona struggled with her self-confidence and felt embarrassed about going out in public due to her skin. Now she is hoping to get her psoriasis under control with the help of a new dermatologist.

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Hello, I am one of the many people suffering with psoriasis in the world. I first got psoriasis after a mild dose of chickenpox at age 13. At that point it was only on my forehead, scalp and ears. It wasn't too noticeable, but after the birth of my daughter at 21 my psoriasis got a lot, lot worse, and now at 27 it is head to toe and causes me no end of issues.

First there's the flaking on clothes, on the floor, when I'm out, fear of dark colours but also light colours, short sleeves, dresses and shorts. Not attractive at all and very embarrassing. Then there's the itching - so much itching until I'm bleeding. The going out in public with psoriasis, or in the workplace with psoriasis, or taking my daughter out with psoriasis causes me so many levels of self consciousness and anxiety of what I look like, especially when people stare or ask if my daughter is going to "catch it off me". And the depression that my skin doesn't look flawless and how I wish I could have clear skin.

I also suffer with pains in my joints, back, hips, legs and my fingers. Psoriasis is so much more than a visual skin condition, to sufferers like me it's so much more. I'm currently trying another dermatologist and rheumatologist to hopefully try and get some kind of relief.

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