Vineet's Poem

Read Vineet's poem about his experience of living with psoriasis.

My Flaky Friends

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In skin's silent symphony, a tale unfurls,

Where patches paint a story, in colours that swirl.

Psoriasis, the artist, bold and untamed,

Leaves marks upon the canvas, where secrets are named.

From dandruff's innocent start to patches' reign,

Scratching, itching, battling the relentless pain.

As patches multiply, weather's blame is claimed,

Until the truth dawns, "Psoriasis" named.

Each doctor's counsel, a varied rendition,

Lost amidst the turmoil, in a sea of confusion.

A canvas of flesh, where flakes softly drift,

Whispers of discomfort, a silent rift.

Nights of worsening, smiles worn thin,

Daylight reveals the struggle, held deep within.

Unsolicited advice, a chorus unkind,

Yet none hold the answer, to soothe the mind.

Childhood memories, of trees shedding leaves,

Never foreseeing the skin's fate it conceives.

Invisible struggles, beneath the skin's guise,

Confidence wavers, as fears arise.

But like a phoenix, rising from the flame,

Strength emerges, reclaiming its name.

Through trials and treatments, hope takes flight,

In dawn's first light, and dusk's soft night.

Embrace the unique design, each scar's line,

For beauty transcends, beyond the confines.

In life's tapestry, where scars intertwine,

Psoriasis whispers, "Strength, forever mine."