Kate's Story

Kate's psoriasis was triggered when she caught COVID in July 2022. In her story, she talks about the struggles she faced at the beginning of her diagnosis.

My psoriasis started in July 2022 after I had COVID-19. It first started as small dots on the bottom of my leg and before I knew it, it had spread and I was covered from head to toe.

After taking some time to diagnose, it was eventually confirmed that I have guttate psoriasis. At first, I was worried about what clothes to wear, what people would think if they saw it, if people thought I was contagious, but quickly realised that this is who I am and there wasn't much I could do about it.

What I found the hardest and the most painful was when my psoriasis flared all over my face, ears and scalp. My eyelids were really sore that it hurt when I blinked, I struggled to lay on my side at night-time because my ears were so painful. I started to lose clumps of hair because the psoriasis had gotten so bad across my scalp. It took me some time to accept that this is how I looked and eventually thought "F**k it! Who cares what I look like!".

I then found out I was severely anaemic and was given medication to sort this. Within the first 10 days I started to notice a difference with my psoriasis. I changed to a healthier diet, cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Was given a variety of creams, ointments and washes. Now around 6 weeks later my psoriasis has almost cleared up completely!

I hope by helping to raise awareness people understand more about what it means to live with psoriasis and gives people who are living with the condition the confidence to embrace who they are and love their skin. I read a quote somewhere which I fell in love with, it said "If you have flaws, my dear, don't hide them. For those who truly love you, will see the beauty in them, simply because, they are part of you". And that's exactly what I am doing, embracing my skin and loving me for who I am. I am so grateful to have the most amazing family, friends and colleagues to help support me through this, I couldn't have done it without them!